About us

SCIO Training, previously known as SkillBase, provides workforce development training for employees, volunteers and Trustees of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations across Staffordshire.

We also provide training for other organisations such as Public Sector agencies and for Private Sector companies upon request.

Because we are part of the not-for-personal-profit Stafford District Voluntary Services, and a training agency for voluntary and community organisations, we keep the costs of our training at an affordable level.

One of our courses in action

SkillBase was first set up in 2002, by a grant from the (then) Lotteries Charity Board, its stated intentions were to help:

A stronger and more confident local Voluntary and Community Sector that will be able to deliver better and more efficient services to its users.
An increase in the number of organisations that will have developed their employees, volunteers and Trustees in improving their skills and knowledge.
More voluntary and community groups to be able to self-assess their own training needs.
Voluntary and Community Sector learning needs to be addressed in a highly accessible and affordable way.

SCIO Training/SkillBase is proud to say that our broad aims are still relevant to the needs of the Voluntary and Community Sector.
We have achieved much progress in achieving those outcomes we stated so boldly in 2002, and this work is still ongoing, especially as new groups and organisations develop.

Our expansion has continued and SCIO Training now operates as the principal training arm of SCIO, the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Consortium of Infrastructure Organisations.

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